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Lifestyle covers my day to day life in all areas. I give you the lowdown of my daily experiences and offer my reviews and advice to help support you, my readers. Here you will find my uncensored personal stories from education, skincare routines and even just events or days out. Life experiences are not always positive so let’s be realistic! The good, bad and ugly sides of my life will be in here. Believe there will be something to suit everyone.

Lifestyle also features a category titled London where I check out fun activities in London and great places to eat. If you are a local Londoner or just visiting this is a great way to get the London lowdown in one click.


Travel Graphic


Travelling is fun right... well, the travel section is where I detail my travel experiences and give my honest opinion on different places I have visited. If you are anything like me you tend to research heavily about different destinations before deciding to take the plunge. Think of it as a try before you buy service where you get info about different places I have been to motivate you to travel. Here will feature photo diaries, itineraries and my honest perspective of different places I travel to. I hope to travel to loads of different places and look forward to taking you my readers along with me on the adventure!



Here is where you find out if I am good at poetry or not. The Poetry section is a way I express myself and find inspiration from anything. I never really categorised myself as a poet, I sometimes would think of poems in my head spontaneously then write them. I am no expert and still gaining confidence in sharing my personal poetry to the world but check out what I have written I would love to hear your feedback.


So here is a brief lowdown of The R Connect. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I loved writing.


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August 12, 2018