Eden Resort Hotel Review, Portugal, Albufeira

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    Eden Resort Experience

     I have decided to do something different this week and offer a review of my apartment stay. During November 2018 I travelled to Albufeira, Portugal (I know this review is a little late). The trip was booked through “On the Beach” the cost included flights, a 7 night All -Inclusive resort and shuttle bus. The price came to around £350 per person, however, we also paid extra for checked in luggage and choosing seats. We stayed on an All-Inclusive basis in a two bedroom apartment. The package included Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Afternoon snacks, evening snacks and Drinks!! Sounds Great right? This review will consist of information about the room, the food, location and customer service. Read on to find out how my stay went!

    A building with a metal fence

    About Eden Resort

    Eden Resort is located in Algarve, the closest airport is Faro and takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to the resort. Eden resort is 5 minutes from Albufeira old town or around a 20-minute walk. Eden resort features: 5 outdoor pools, tennis courts, kids club, spa, restaurant, bars, mini markets, activity nights, WIFI and transportation. The Resort offers a free shuttle bus to Albufeira service 4 times a day with pick up included!  I loved this because the walk can be long, so it is great to be offered transportation. The site includes a mixture of apartment and villas which are non-smoking. It is situated in a quiet area overlooking various greenery, the atmosphere is relaxing and provides a sophisticated vibe.

    If you are interested in self-catering then there is a Lidl and Aldi extremely close by to save you even more coins. From Albufeira Old Town it is around a 15-minute walk, however, taking a taxi can be around 5 minutes. You can also take a bus just make sure you check the schedule or ask at the Bus information centre in Albufeira to know which bus to take.

    Eden Resort- The Apartment

    As said previously we stayed in a two -bedroom apartment, the master bedroom was ensuite so we basically had two bathrooms between the three of us. The kitchen was fully equipped with fridge, freezer, microwave, toaster etc. We had an iron, dishwasher, clothes dryer and dishwasher. It really felt like our own little home which, there was a living room and dining table so if you decided to go self -catering you really will have no problems. On warmer days we have a little sitting area outside to enjoy the weather. In terms of the apartment, it is spacious and the beds are nice to sleep on too. One thing I noticed is in some areas of the room they require some TLC (fresh paintwork or the bathroom wall peeling etc). Guys stay rest assured there were not any major issues, that impacted the quality of my stay.

    A kitchen with stainless steel appliances

    Eden Resort is slightly different to other apartments I have stayed in regarding the maid service. For a 7-night stay towels are changed 3 times a week and bed linen once a week. Maid service is provided 5 times per week excluding Sundays and Thursdays. If you require these services more than the requirement you will get charged extra. I had no issue with this but it is something to consider if you are staying here.  As the resort has a pool area you are given a pool card to access pool towels at the reception. When checking out it is important to return the towels or cards otherwise you will be charged 10 Euro per towel.

    Eden Resort, The Food

    One of the most important sections of any review is the food section. Now with all-inclusive it can be good or just go completely wrong. Starting with breakfast, there was a selection of different foods including sausages, hash browns, beans, pastries, cereals, bread etc. Now I did not go all the time because I am not a morning person but when I did go, I always found something I enjoyed.  Unfortunately, there was not anything extremely special like pancakes or waffles but I know there was something there to suite everyone.

    During all meal times there was a good selection of hot & cold drinks too. When it came to lunch & dinner we defo found lunch was better than dinner. For some meals it did seem like things did not go together, for example, there would be white rice and no sauce & meat to go with it. The seafood was mostly lovely (well it should be Portugal is known for its seafood). Examples of meals were spaghetti & meatballs, fish burgers, potatoes, vegetables, cold salad and selections of desserts & fruits.

    Food on white plate

    OMG I think of one of my favourite things during meal time was the fresh bread, all I can tell you it was carb overload for me ☹ I gained weight when I got back and a large part was due to the amount of bread I was eating all the time.

    Bread & butter on white plate

    One thing I LOVED about going All inclusive was the UNLIMITED COCKTAILS!  Cocktails were available from 12 in the afternoon till midnight with different cocktails to choose from, so if you go on holiday to relax, eat and drink by the pool Eden Resort is the place for you!


    In closing, I had a great time at the resort and it was great to get some winter sun. Despite the apartments needed some minor decoration it was very comfortable. Due to it being the low season the place wasn’t extremely packed and any issues we had was done within a timely manner.

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    5 Things I’ve Learnt from Blogging

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    Red Roses

    My Blogging Confessions

    It’s coming up to my 5 month anniversary of blogging and since we have reached the last month of the year, there is no better time for reflecting. My blogging experience has been good so far because I actually enjoy doing it…but I guess no matter how hard you prepare there are certain things you can never be ready for. I feel like that this is with anything tbh whether is education, working or starting your own business there are lessons to learn so here are some of mine. If you are thinking to start a blog, a new blogger, a more advanced blogger or someone who just loves reading my blog posts (thank you, you are appreciated!) then hopefully this post can relate to you.


    Ok, I guess throughout your whole life you are taught the importance of being organised to be successful. Of course, I knew this was important but I don’t think I fully considered the different components that go into a blog for it to run smoothly. With a blog you write the post, gather images and then you have to promote your content on various social media too. This requires levels of engagement on social media, you cannot just say oh here is a post read it, you have to network with other bloggers as well. Therefore, you then have to spend time looking at other blog posts to comment, like and share and hopefully people do the same back or even better they might follow you too if they like your content.

    It can all sound daunting and perhaps take the fun out of blogging but if you organise your time appropriately it can be seen as a fun task to do. Why? Because you are allocating a certain amount of time to do it leading to you actually taking your time and producing something you are proud of. The best way to do this is to produce a checklist of things you need to do for your blog weekly. This helps to break up what seems like loads of tasks into smaller manageable chunks. Once you can do this, what you can achieve through blogging will be amazing because you are being consistent. Let’s be realistic… life happens! But when you get in the habit of doing something it makes it so much easier.

    Office equipment on table


    I perhaps touched on it vaguely in the previous paragraph, but It defo deserves its own paragraph. A great way to get more engagement and just gain more advice from other bloggers is to collaborate! There are various ways to do this and you are sure to find others who want to do the same. To collaborate with others, I used social media platforms such as Facebook Groups and Twitter basically stating the details of the guest post and agree to do the same for the blogger. It is a great way to increase the exposure on your blog because your blog tends to be linked to that blog.

    When collaborating I would recommend that you also state a word count, images and the deadline (do a deadline two weeks before you actually want to upload). There are other methods to collaborate too! You can link up with other bloggers in your area to do photo shoots, attend events together or just have a chat and gain advice on all things blogging. This is one of my goals as I am trying to meet new people in the blogging world! P.S if London bloggers are interested in collaboration you can fill out the form to contact me or drop me a message on Twitter I would love to hear from you


    I did not realise this before but being part of the blogging community includes…BLOGGING EVENTS!. There are events for all types of niches,you can meet new people to collaborate and get advice to improve your blog. Unfortunately, since I have started blogging I have not been to any events yet ☹ but my plans for the new year is to attend events. Another benefit of collaborating with bloggers is you can go events together! To find blogging events in your local area I would recommend joining Facebook Groups in your region, use Twitter and write the hashtag #bloggerswanted #bloggersrequired and websites like Eventbrite to find out what is going on in your local area. Remember, you are not on this blogging journey alone. The more support you get the better it will be for you and your blog! It’s time to get out of your comfort zone!

    people high fiving

    Comparison is a Thief of Joy

    Let’s be honest we all have feeling where you feel like you are not getting the same opportunities, or you are not doing as well as other bloggers. Now take these feelings and REMOVE THEM NOW! You can never see how hard someone has worked for something or how long it took for them to get in that position. Also, remember why you started blogging, I am sure it started with your love for writing so get back to your roots. Continue to work hard at what you’re doing, support other bloggers and you will usually get the same in return. Instead of being envious of others and comparing take the time to network with other bloggers or check out their blog and social media and see what they are doing. With anything it can take time and commitment, it is not very likely bloggers just blow up overnight.

    Take Time out!

    I know I contradicted myself a little but blogging can sometimes be overwhelming especially when things happen in life. If you feel as if it’s affecting the quality of your blog or how you feel about blogging then take time out! I would recommend if you can write a few blog posts at a time so if this happens you can literally schedule the posts you have available without stressing about new blog content. For your wellbeing it is important you take time out of anything. Think about it when you are in education or employment you have breaks rights? So why should blogging be any different. It is completely normal and can help you feel rejuvenated when you start again. I don’t know about you lot but sometimes I think about blogging when I take breaks I just can’t help it, but it’s great when you don’t feel rushed to write something and you can let the ideas develop as they come naturally.

    A picture containing table, person, indoor, cup

    Blogger Confessions Closing

    That’s the end guys I really hoped I have helped someone out there! I still have so much to learn about blogging and I look forward to my continuing journey as a blogger. As stated above if anyone is interested in collaborating in the future please email me at therconnect@hotmail.co.uk . If there are any London Bloggers interested in linking up I would also love to hear from you!


    Does anyone have any other blogging confessions or much-needed advice I would love to hear from you

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    December 9, 2018

    Things to Do in Maryland

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    About Maryland

    Hi everyone! todays post will be about Maryland (yaaay)! Although I have’t been (boo) I have a Maryland expert The Misunderstood Afro Musilimah providing you guys with some great information about Maryland. Now Maryland is the largest city in Baltimore and apparently famous for its amazing seafood! Read on to check out this interview series on Maryland and I hope you enjoy it !

    1.For people who are not familiar with your content what is your blog about?

    My blog is called The Misunderstood Afro Muslimah, and I share stories of my life experiences and my view of the world. I try to have a positive message or start a conversation on topics I believe aren’t talked enough about.

    2.Where is Maryland located?

    I live in Prince Georges County, MD; it’s about 15- 20 min away, from Washington D.C.

    3. In one word how would you describe Maryland and why?

    Diverse, because depending where you are in the state it can be the heart of a city or farm land in the middle of nowhere.

    4.What are your favourite Maryland things to see in Maryland and why?

    1. The Aquarium- I love animals and it’s a really fun experience, there’s a 4D theatre inside.
    2. Tanger Outlet/ Annapolis Mall – I’m a shopaholic
    3. Inner Harbor- It’s really beautiful, places to eat and shop, and when the weather is nice there’s often street performances.
    4. Fells Point- a fun place to go bar hopping and just have a lit night.

    5.Where are your favourite places to eat and drink in Maryland?

    • Chick Fil A: Known for its speciality in creating chicken sandwiches its very popular restaurant in America . They also serve breakfast.
    • Olive Garden:
    • Waverly Crabs (Nice size crabs and decent prices)
    • Chipotle
    • Timbuktu (they have the best crab cakes)
    • Taste This (Best Southern Cooking in MD)

    6.No city is perfect so what is something you dislike about Maryland?

    There is not much to do in Maryland and you really need a car to get from place to place.

    7.For anyone considering visiting Maryland what are your top tips for a pleasant stay?

    Depending on what you’re looking for during your visit, try to stay in hotels near the Inner or National Harbor, that’s where most of the tourist destinations are.  Always be aware of your environment, and try to map out your destination, before leaving out for the day.

    8.What is your personal experience living in Maryland?

    I’ve lived in the suburbs of Maryland my whole life, and loved it. Living close to DC, is kinda expensive, but you have the best of both worlds. I get to enjoy all of the perks of city life, and come back home to sleep in the quiet suburbs. People can be rude, everyone tends to just mind their own business. We call my area the DMV ( DC, Maryland, Virginia), because it is so close and easy to get to each place. I now attend college in Baltimore City, and hate it! The only nice place in Baltimore is the Inner Harbor.

    9.To anyone considering going Maryland would you recommend it?

    I wouldn’t recommend coming to Maryland for holiday, but to live definitely make that move!

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    10 Things To Do in Columbus, Ohio

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    A bridge over a body of water with a city in the background

    10 Things you Need to do in Columbus, Ohio

    Guest Post!

    Unfortunately I haven’t been to Columbus, Ohio… but fortunatetly for this weeks posts I am joined with guest blogger Miss Champagne B. Single gal Advocate Miss Champagne B is a writer and blogger for dating and self-improvement who focuses on positivity and growth. Learning to navigate the mean streets of being single, Miss Champagne B has learned how to be okay with it and most importantly learn to live her life and “do what feels right .”Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio she earned her MBA from Tiffin University in Business Management with a focus on Human Resources. She is the author of “20 Ways to Kickstart Your Path to Improvement” currently available on Amazon.com. She has made an appearance in the movie “The Detroit Boys” and moonlights as a scriptwriter. She enjoys meeting new people and volunteering with young women and currently lives in Columbus, Oh with her pitbull, Kiba. Champagne is an also an entrepreneur who owns the store Ship,Shop,Savings.


    If you ever travel to Columbus, Ohio one of the things you must know how to do, is finish the following call and response phrase; O-H! (Others will say I-O). This phrase is based on our nationally ranked Division 1 school the Ohio State University and its football team, the Buckeyes.I know what many people are thinking, “Is that all that this little midwest city has to offer? Of course not! Although the Buckeyes are the pride and joy of Columbus, we have so much more to offer. Here are the top 10 things you should do while visiting the great Midwest city of Columbus.

    1. COSI

    The Center of Science and Industry (or COSI) is a science museum that adds tons of fun to learning. Built in 1964, COSI is recognized as one of the largest modern built science centers in the United States.  Take a moment to check out the new exhibits that are sponsored by museums from all over, such as the American Museum of Natural History.  Or check out their state-of-the-art digital Planetarium where you and others are transported to undersea volcanos, the galaxy, and even the human body! COSI is open Wednesdays through Sundays from 10 am – 5 pm.

    A person sitting on a table



    2.The Funny Bone Comedy Club and Restaurant

    If you are looking for a good night out, the Funny Bone may be the place for you! A comedic platform for many homegrown and world-famous comedians, the Funny Bone couples laughs with food and booze. While waiting for the show to begin, you can sit at the bar and order one of their specialty drinks. If you aren’t thirsty just yet, you can wait to be seated and order a drink and your meal while watching the night’s scheduled performer.  The prices are reasonable, and the laughs are real! Check out their website to see who is scheduled and grab your tickets today!



    3.Easton Town Center

    How can you travel to a new city and not check out their shopping malls?! Easton is the Midwest’s premier shopping, dining, and entertainment stop with over 300 vendors located in Columbus. Start your day early and grab a healthy environmentally conscience breakfast at Northstar Cafe, then take a ride on the Easton Trolley to some of the country’s trendiest stores. Finish your grand day of shopping with a fabulous Cameron Mitchell owned restaurant called the Ocean Club or opt for more of a lowkey essential dining experience from Piada.

    A group of people walking down a stree


    4.Lego Discovery Center

    If shopping at Easton  is not your thing, check out this awesome playground dedicated to your favorite childhood toy, the LEGO. This center is excellent for family fun and offers rides, play zones, and a 4D cinema experience that will suck you into the ultimate LEGO experience. Once you are done perusing the LEGO museum feel free to grab a quick souvenir on the way out in their expansive LEGO store full of starter packs, expansion packs, and other favorites.


    5. Crimson Cup Innovation Lab

    The perfect cup of coffee can be created in a lab! Crimson Cup travels around the world selecting the ideal bean to create the perfect cup of coffee while advocating for social causes locally and worldwide. Besides making great coffee, Crimson Cup also offers workshops for people to learn what goes into a great cup of coffee. Learn about brewing techniques, roast levels, and drink preparation all under one roof. A relaxing and fun environment, take a tour of the lab and see some of their innovative products that are used to make their legendary brand of coffee. If you are in Columbus,Ohio this spot is defo worth a visit.


    6.Camelot Cellars

    Calling themselves an Urban Boutique Winery, Camelot Cellars offers in-house made wines in various delicious flavors. You can grab a delicious plate of food to pair with your wine choice and conversate with the warm and friendly staff. What also makes Camelot Cellars great is that you have the ability to create, label, and cork your own wine. Don’t have time to create your wine? Just adopt one of their premade wines, create a label, and cork it for a great gift or souvenir.

    A person standing in front of a table in Columbus


    7.Columbus Museum Of Art

    Located in downtown Columbus, The CMA houses art from prolific artists around the world. Hear the stories behind the art collections by taking a tour with knowledgeable docents who want to connect you to contemporary art. CMA offers monthly events for the community and visitors to enjoy all the beautiful pieces, including providing free general admission on Sundays!

    8.Hoover Reservoir Park, Ohio

    Get some fresh air with our lovely Hoover Reservoir( aka Hoover Dam) located in the suburbs of Westerville, Ohio. This is the place to get out and get some fantastic exercise. Visitors can rent a boat (or make friends with someone who has one) and go out on the water to fish. You can go biking with friends, or take the dog on a hike around beautiful scenery. With over 4,700 acres of the gorgeous view, anyone can appreciate the magic of Hoover Reservoir.

    A dog walking on a dirt road in Columbus


    9.Star Lanes

    What do bowling, food, and fun have in common? It can all be found at Star Lanes in Columbus!  Star Lanes is the Chuck E. Cheese for adult kids. Grab a friend and head to Polaris for a night of bowling fun and drinking adult beverages. If you are a gamer, you will love their game room for the kid in you. Try to win tickets for some awesome prizes or just for bragging rights. Star Lanes also is an excellent place for corporate events and group outings, especially around the holidays.


    10.Tequila Cowboy Bar & Grill

    Get ready to throw “Yee Haws” around in this fun rocking location that was featured on the hit ABC show “Nashville.”  With over 20,000 sq feet at this location, Tequila Cowboy has three places connected to one so your night of fun can involve doing multiple things without leaving the area. Try your hand at karaoke on Thursdays or get your line dance on with Theresa Powell on Wednesdays. You can even grab a quick pie at the connected restaurant called Luigi’s.  Tequila Cowboy has several concerts that are scheduled throughout the year with big names such as The Swon Brothers, Lindsey Ell, and more!

    Columbus, Ohio is a great place to visit and is growing more every day. Tell me some of your favorite places to visit in this beautiful, fast-growing city.


    I would like to thank Miss ChampagneB for a great post. If you are intersted in reading more about her single  adventures in Columbus, Ohio or just curious in what she gets up to check out her blog and social medias below:

    Blog: https://www.singlegalguide.com/

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    The Diner, Shoreditch : A Review

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    Bright red sign

    About The Diner, Shoreditch

    If you have been to Shoreditch you will know it is a vibrant and hip area where you will find many clubs, bars and restaurants. Not only are there great places to eat but an array of beautiful street art is around every corner and great places to shop for vintage clothing. Now saying all that it was proven quite difficult to find something to eat. why… THERE WAS SO MUCH CHOICE! I and a couple friends finally agreed on The Diner. Now The Diner is described as an American styled restaurant and bar with locations around London. The menu includes shakes, burgers, hot dogs and most importantly All- day breakfasts (they also have a vegetarian and vegan menu too!).

    Getting to The Diner


    Getting to The Diner was not too bad. I went through Shoreditch Old Street station and used Maps to help find my route. As I went in the evening you could really see Shoreditch coming alive with all the people entering different bars and restaurants. Entering the Diner you get an American vibe with a colour scheme of black and red. The Shoreditch location is quite small and we did have to wait for a table due to it being a busy Friday night but we didn’t wait for too long. I would recommend if going in a big group to check if you are able to make a table booking, you also have the option to order for collection or home delivery. The atmosphere was loud due to the business but we still had a good time.


    The Diners Food

    There was no way I could go to a breakfast spot without trying my favourite brekkie of Pancakes! The food came extremely quick! I think we waited like 10 minutes before the food came, so if you want quick service then The Diner is good for it. I ordered a Diner Blend Iced Tea and Buttermilk Pancakes which was served as a stack of 3 with Maple Syrup & House Whipped honey butter. So the Iced Tea was horrible! I thought it would taste similar to Lipton Ice tea, thankfully my waiter was lovely about it and I was able to change my drink to water. On the other hand, the pancakes were delicious! Although I worried they were going to taste very thick their texture was very airy and fluffy which I enjoyed. You may think three pancakes is not enough but it really was I could not even finish it so I am glad in the end I decided not to order a main meal.

    One of my friends ordered Baby Back Ribs, Chips and Blueberry Pancakes. She complimented the ribs of being succulent and just falling off the bone easily. The Blueberry Pancakes was Blueberries with Blueberry sauce on top of the pancakes. She was not able to finish it all as the portion serving is big so the waiter gave us take away boxes. If you come here and want to order a lot have no fear takeaway boxes are near. My other friend ordered Strawberry & Chocolate pancakes. At the Diner you have the option to include breakfast toppings, she got eggs and sausages. She said she enjoyed them and the pancakes were not sweet or overpowering with chocolate.

    plates of food on table

    Would I go back to The Diner?

    Of Course! The waiters were lovely and genuine. They were rushed off their feet but remained friendly and did their best to solve any issues. What I also loved about The Diner is they have Free wifi! I love how this feature is becoming much more popular among restaurants so if Wifi is important to enjoy your meal (it shouldn’t be really) then take a trip to The Diner. I think if I were to go back I would perhaps try something of their main menu as there were a lot of dishes that caught my eye. The Price of a meal is not too expensive so if you are on a budget you can enjoy. My meal altogether only came to £8.80 and I was full up after so you don’t have to break the bank to have a quality meal guys.

    I hope my first food review was adequate as I am not a food blogger but The Diner deserved it. I am looking to try different spots to eat in London so any recommendations are welcome down below!

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    November 10, 2018


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    Communication. A simple word that seems so difficult for this generation.
    I don’t think I ask for too much and when I ask you to do this you act like I’m getting my knickers in a bunch.
    We hate it when you don’t tell us shit, I understand sometimes you need your own time but how hard is it to send a quick text “Babe I’m busy and there’s stuff on my mind can I have some space and hit you up in time? X”
    I’m not psychic so please believe this- I don’t know shit unless you tell me shit!

    It’s not like I’m even clingy and get pissed off if you don’t text me everyday or even call me too. I understand you’re on your grind and need space to grow into the person you want to.
    But for the life of me why can’t you just communicate this to me? Because I’ve got stuff I need to do and I don’t want my time wasted thinking about you.

    Let me get this off my chest it’s not like I’m even obsessed. I just don’t want my time wasted and for you to even cause me stress… nah the only thing that I want to be causing me stress is how I’m gonna make money and chase the next check.

    It was easy all you had to do was communicate but it’s been nice knowing you does it look like I have time to waste?

    Phone on wooden table

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    November 2, 2018

    Can I Relate? Promoting Inclusive Curriculum for Black Students

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    Girl Reading Book

    An Inclusive Curriculum for Black Students

    My Experience of Inclusive Curriculum

    Girl reading a book


    I remember at school the only topic relating to black history was slavery in the US. I remember feeling distraught watching and reading what black people went through during slavery.As a young black girl it would make me feel discouraged and think is this our only history? Ok we did study Martin Luther King and Mandela too.. but were these the only powerful black people in the history books? What was even crazier is that it was African American history! Are you really telling me Black British people did nothing worth writing and discussing? Secondly, are you telling me Britain had nothing to do with the Black Slave Trade? What I find completely strange is the curriculum does not discuss Slave Trade within England but it discusses Slavery in the US.

    Now when defining inclusive curriculum it means teaching and learning practice that leads to improving access to education for ALL students. To me, this should take into account different Black cultural experiences. Now I don’t know about other black women and men in the UK but I did not get this at school.

    How Lack of Inclusive Education Impacted Me

    As I got older sometimes I did not take pride in who I am. Growing up Black and being of African heritage as a teenager was seen as something to be ashamed of in school. Worse of all it was mostly black students making offensive comments among each other! Of course, I loved my culture, food and appreciated my black friends but there was something missing. When you think of it, how can you take pride in who you are when the place you live only depicts the negative experiences of black people?

    Anyway one summer I went through my mum’s book collection and I realised she had loads of black books! That summer I felt so happy and so much pride in being a black girl and all the things my people accomplished around the world (including the UK because yes inspirational black people exist in the UK!).  Despite traumatic events, black people experienced what we were able to accomplish was inspirational! I could not believe I never knew this before.

    Boy writing on paper

    Do we need an Inclusive Curriculum for Black Students?

    Now honestly as much as this should happen it is not. As black men and women, we need to start researching ourselves and not wait for a curriculum (which was not built for us). There is a common notion among some African and Caribbean parents that the British School system is a sound education not requiring any further learning outside the formal curriculum. Parents may not be aware that their children’s culture and history is being denied in school. This, can lead to the students absorbing negative self-images being perpetuated by the school. For example, as of recently, let’s consider the outrage regarding the GCSE sociology book claiming Caribbean parents are largely absent from families... Imagine being a Black Caribbean student reading this and the perception other students will have within the classroom of Caribbean students. Students are already forming negative stereotypes among a certain community.

    What we need to know is formal curriculum was traditionally formed regarding the cultural values of White Middle-Class Britain. This ideology means what we need to learn as Black people cannot be isolated to formal schooling. Until school makes changes (that is if they do) we need to start taking the power into our own hands and not wait for others. Listen if we wait, we will be waiting forever!

    Can we promote inclusion?

    There are books about Black British history and even classes regarding Black Studies. It is time we start educating ourselves, brother, sisters, nieces, nephews and cousins as early as possible. It is time we take pride in who we are and make sure black girls and boys too! We can wait for the change or be the change to our black children! We need to change our thinking so we can make major differences to ourselves and in our community.

    Closing Points

    I think back to being a child in secondary school and perhaps if I was exposed to more positive perceptions of Black British people maybe my thinking would have been different. Lack of representation places a major impact on young people at school. This can potentially impact their mental health.

    Knowledge is power so it is time we start learning the Black way!

    Books on a shelf

    I want to hear your schools experiences and views on the curriculum. Do you agree or disagree with my points? Have you got solutions to these problems?

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    Life After University : The Blues

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    Life After University: The Blues

    University Graduation

    Maybe I am overexaggerating… It has only been a few months since I have finished uni and graduated (lol joke my uni does graduation in November). I thought when the time would come to look for a graduate job it would happen so quickly. Before looking for a permanent job I had a summer job so I could still enjoy myself. At university I couldn’t wait to finish now I am thinking rah let me spend a day or two just chilling in my university city please, life came at me fast.

    Anyway, I have started looking for jobs and I guess it is not as easy as I thought. I would go on Twitter and be so happy that people found their jobs soon after university praying that is my portion. I was confident because I was always one to get the jobs I want, the competition for jobs especially in London has made it increasingly difficult. Sometimes you can feel discouraged but this part of my life is making me become more patient and leave it in Gods’ hand. A couple verses really resurrected me in my time of unemployment:

    “Can worry make you live longer? If you don’t have power over small things, why worry about everything else? “Luke 12:25-26 

    “Everything you ask for in prayer will be yours if you only have faith”  Mark 11:24 

    This reminded me not to worry and trust in God. I didn’t realise worry shows lack of faith in Gods plan and this is when I remembered to stay positive, patient and prayerful.

    It may not always be easy but I am learning more each day to stay positive. Now whether you believe in God or not find something that makes you stay positive in this time of unemployment. Remember no condition is permanent and don’t believe this is the end for you.  For me, I spend time exercising, blogging and socialising while I look for a job. I haven’t got one dream job there are a few things I want to do relating to my career field. I am not saying that everything is going great and I always stay positive but I have more good days than bad days.

    Stay away from negative vibes! If you have family and friends saying negative stuff about your unemployment step away. NO ONE should have power over how you feel. It is ok to be away from that energy so you feel better. Luckily for me, it is so easy to do this. I care about others but most importantly I care about myself and I don’t need people impacting me negatively nah dead that!. Secondly, spend this time working on a craft. Think! this is the time you actually have to do what you love. Make the most out of this time.

    Hopefully, I have helped someone going through something similar, you are not alone and I know you will receive good job news at the right time. Don’t give up! In the words of Daniel Caesar, “It’s never over until life ends”( He didn’t mean it in this context but oh well lool).

    Please comment and share I would love to hear your stories and after university thoughts.

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    October 2, 2018

    12 Things To Do Before You Launch Your Blog

    Posted in Lifestyle

    Why I Started Blogging

    A “launching a blog successfully” post perhaps should have been my first post but you know, better late than never. I wanted to launch a blog for a while, I never did because I had been studying. I was balancing a lot so I knew It would be difficult to find the time. Pinterest was really one of the main sites I used to gather information about EVERYTHING and I found myself increasingly spending long periods of time reading and pinning. I loved reading people’s blogs regarding loads of topics and thought hey I would love to do this.

    Launching a blog successfully was not easy because there are a lot of things you need to consider before you start blogging. I don’t think it is possible to launch a blog successfully in 15 minutes because there are a few things to do. As a newbie blogger,I have put together what you should do BEFORE launching a blog.

    Choosing a niche

    choosing a niche

    A niche is what you want your blog to be about. You can have multiple niches but you really have to be clear whatever niche or niches you choose so you will not become disinterested in writing. It is important you choose something you are passionate about or do regularly. Research into your chosen niche!

    What do you want to get out of blogging?

    This is important to consider because when you know what you want to get out of blogging you can strategise. Are you doing blogging as a hobby? or are your plans to have a business out of it? Whatever your reasons have a clear understanding so you have the right resources and funding for what you plan to do with your blog. I would write a list of things you may need to purchase to produce the content you want depending on your blogging plan.

    Choosing a domain name

    Now when you get a domain name you do not actually own it. Instead, you are actually purchasing the rights to use that domain name for a certain amount of time. Beware! if the domain name is not renewed when the registration period starts to come to an end you will lose it. There are also people that could be preying on names that will be expiring to take and start using for their own website.

    Oh child! For me choosing a domain name did not come easy. I spent months thinking and at the last minute, I actually changed the name I wanted. I would keep a list of names you are thinking and play around with it because this step did not come easily to me. Remember if you incorporate your chosen niche into your domain name then that is what your audience is going to expect. You can choose a name that is specific to your niche or perhaps consider a name that is not in case you decide to change your niche. For example, if a domain is called “Europe Travelling” your audience would expect it to be just that. Make sure to check if the domain names you listed are available!


    First of all web hosting is a service used that will allow a company to post a website on the internet, there is free hosting and paid hosting. I went for paid hosting due to the freedom. I used siteground which was not expensive and I haven’t had any issues with it.

    If you are planning to blog for a long time with siteground I recommend hosting with them for two or three years rather than one. I have heard when you sign up to siteground for the first time it is actually the introductory price. Once this is finished it will go back to the normal price, this is much more expensive. 

    Free Blog Hosting


    • It’s free. if you are not sure if you are serious about blogging you are still able to get your voice heard without having to pay.
    • You are not tied in for a year or more. For example, if you decide that blogging is not for you it will not be a loss if you just decide to stop compared to paid hosting.


    • You haven’t got complete control over what you can publish. With free hosting, the web host has control rather than you. For example, if they decide they no longer want to give out their server space it means you may have to start all over again after all the hard work you put in.

    Paid Blog Hosting

    • Able to create your own domain name.
    • You have full control over your brand in terms of the name, aesthetic appearance and the theme of your blog. Your blog can entirely reflect what you want it to.
    • There are no fears of your website being taken down which could occur with free blog hosting.
    • You have full access over your files for practices such as coding changes.
    • You are more likely to be committed. Paying for a blog is an investment which could make you more committed for it to be successful.


    • The cost of paying for the space to host your website requires an investment.

    Optimize suitable social media platforms

    Social Media Apps

    When you have come up with a domain name I would recommend checking its availability on social media platforms. If you use social media personally definitely make a profile for your most popular ones or plan to promote your content on your personal social media platforms too!

    Start Building Connections

    Building connections

    Before launching your blog check out other bloggers, start following their content and connecting. Do this by joining facebook and Pinterest group boards. I know people don’t use facebook that much but connecting to facebook groups is great. I have learnt so much from others bloggers and everyone is very supportive. Even if you have not launched your blog there are groups you are able to join. Join my Pinterest group too and message me to be a collaborator!

    Write Up Key Pages

    Before launching a blog having pages in place makes it so much easier because you can just copy and paste the information into a certain area. On WordPress, there is a privacy page template. This was helpful for me because, before I launched my blog I did not even think to include this page and you NEED to have it in order to protect yourself. Another page you could write up is your “about me” and “home” page, this can possibly take time to do.

    Have 3- 10 Blog Posts Ready

    Typing on laptop

    Do not launch your blog without having blog posts ready please! The time you spend customising your blog can take time and if you have not got any posts ready it will even take much longer for it to be officially launched. Writing blog posts gives you time to experiment on the voice you want for your blog. Do you want to be formal or informal? You will have a much clearer idea of what you want to do if you just take the time to start writing.


    I don’t think it is possible to have a blog without having images. Whether you take pictures on your camera or phone start taking pictures of things that you want to include in your blog. It is much better to have your own photos so you do not get into any legal woes. If you haven’t got your own pictures for certain topics use stock photos. Stock photos are a range of photographs bought and sold to use for commercial purposes. You can access free photos or pay a small fee for the photos you use. I majorly use Pexels and Canva to get stock photos.

    Get a Fresh Perspective

    Networking with others

    Now if you plan to follow my advice and write blog posts before launching then start to get the perspectives of friends and family. Let them read your posts, even if it is just one person. Sometimes when other people read things they notice something you didn’t. It also can help to motivate you on your blogging journey when you get feedback.

    Research SEO


    SEO, SEO and SEO again, this is all I have heard about since launching my blog. I really wished I researched into it more before I launched my blog because this is an important engine which can potentially drive traffic to your blog. If you saw this acronym and have no idea what I am talking about then you better read this.

    Everyone is doing it

    Do not be discouraged from launching your blog because others are doing it. Remember your blog is unique because you’re doing it and that is what makes it special. It is your voice and your ideas, look for motivation from other bloggers. You can do this and be excited you are closer to launching your blog!!

    Any others tips for launching a blog? Please, comment, like and share.