Black Pound Day: What I bought

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    About Black Pound Day

    Hello everyone and welcome to my new post!

    So on Saturday 27th June, it was the first black pound day. The aim is to encourage black-owned businesses in the UK to showcase their services and encourage people to purchase more from black businesses. It was great to be on Twitter and Facebook to see all these black businesses!  I could not help myself but have a look and share what I purchased.

    1. Oshun


    This product was vanilla frosted shea butter. It can be used to moisturise, condition and soothe your skin. I loved the packaging and the personalised note it definitely gave the product a nice touch. Shea butter does not always have the best smell to me but this had a vanilla smell! As my skin is quite dry this product helped to keep my skin soft.

    The product came to £6.50, it was a small pot but a little definitely goes a long way. It is a great size to take on a trip and the container can be reused too. I am definitely going to incorporate the use of shea butter in my routine. It has even got me thinking of trying to make my own. 

    Would you buy this again? Yes

    Link: oshunskn


    NourishWithNature UK

    NourishwithNatureUK is a vegan skincare line, this Etsy shop features a range of different skincare products for different skin conditions so it was quite difficult to know where to even start from! In the end, I opted for the Even Skin Fade moisturiser for brighter skin. It aims to fade and smooth dark spots, I loved the packaging and it gave off a bit of a lemon smell. It is a small tub, honestly, I did not check the size but it came to 9.99. I have not been using this consistently but I liked how it feels on my face. I will continue to use this product.

    Would you buy from here again?  Yes

    Link: NourishwithNatureUK




    That girl cosmetics features a range of makeup items.  I decided I wanted to try a new lipgloss which I bought in the shade No Regrets. It cost £10.00 so it is definitely affordable I included a swatch of what it looks like. The texture is really soft and does look glittery. Hopefully, I should have somewhere to wear this soon.

    Link: thatgirlcosmetics 

    Would you buy from here again? yes



    This is a business which offers products for hair removal. On the website, it states their product is organic and vegan friendly. The reason I decided to purchase this product is during lockdown it felt like the perfect time to experiment with other hair removal methods. I bought the Waxing kit which was 18.99 this comes with the wax, fabric strips, the wax stick and instructions. I was surprised it came with the aloe vera gel because that was not the package I picked but it was an added bonus! I found the best way for me to melt the wax was to boil water in a pot and the place the jar upside down. Once I had noticed it had got runny I took it out, used the wax stick, blew on it and started to apply it. I asked someone to help me pull it off and I have to say it did a really good job! I have tried doing it myself too and it is definitely less painful but with waxing the pain goes away seconds after. I am going to use this on areas such as armpits, legs and stomach. I do not think I am man enough or patient to see if I can do Brazilian Wax using it…I am going to leave this to the professionals.

    Would I buy here again? Yes


    Here are all my June purchases,  please feel free to comment below on any things you bought during this time or link your businesses in the comments for me to take a look at. Let us continue to support each other whether this is through sharing, purchasing or donating remember you are making a contribution.

    I will continue to update on any services and products I used.

    Thank you for reading The R Connect x






    August 1, 2020

    Tips for a New Norm

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    It has been a while once again ..for someone who loves writing I have been lacking extremely. With everything that is going on and things I have reflected on during COVID lockdown and currently working from home, it felt like a great time to write a post.

    Make a difference

    As a black woman and everything that is currently going in the world, you cannot help to sometimes feel tired and not know what to do. I think it is important to do more for your community. It is important we help to support the younger generation through joining in mentoring programs, supporting black business, protesting, donating and learning more about our history. Here are a couple organisations BLAM, Black Girls Mentoring project that we can support, check on the internet, and social media for other organisations that you can support.   It is important to remember after the protests end the work does not stop! We must continue to support each other and make a difference in any way even if it is educating our friends and families.



    Although I  am currently training as an Education Mental Health Practitioner ( a new post pending) which requires university and training lockdown gave me time to look into courses to improve my practice. In my last Life update, I talked about this and I want to reiterate. While there is a new norm do not forget to improve your practice. It does look great on your CV but it also provides you with much knowledge of your chosen area of interest. If you are looking to try something new short courses are a great way to test the water. You can check free check courses and check your availability. However, you can use sites such as Reed, Groupon, and Wowcher for short courses.

    Keeping Healthy

    Lockdown defo made me feel heavier. You are not as active as you use so you are not burning the calories, instead, you are just eating. My metabolism sucks so I do tend to gain weight quickly. I found trying out different exercises on Youtube made my workout life exciting. Eating was a bit harder because I love snacks but I have worked on cutting down my portions and doing Intermittent fasting so I eat less. Trying different things and find what works best for you

    Stay Connected

    Although I prefer walking from home you still interact with colleagues virtually and even throughout the day. This can mean you are really taking your work home which can be overwhelming. It is important to stay in contact with friends and families to keep you sane. You can also join new online events to meet other people too. I know things are easing but it is important you do not feel overwhelmed meeting everyone and take your time.


    I am grateful I can still work during this time. Due to not have to commute and pay for other responsibilities my savings have never looked so good! It has encouraged me to put more into my savings and think about how I can invest my money in meaningful ways and support great causes. Make it a way of life to always put money away especially for a rainy day. It always helps you to feel a better sense of security.


    I know this has been a difficult time and people are ready to write off this year before it is finished but I encourage everyone to still maintain their motivation with helpful coping strategies. A great way to maintain motivation is setting yourself goals, yes they may not fully be achieved this year but you can still put the foundations in motion.

    I hope you enjoyed this post and be on the lookout for more

    Stay Safe

    Ruth x



    June 11, 2020

    A Sip and Paint Experience

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    Its been a while since I have posted something and to be honest there is really no excuse. I am getting back to my love of writing and sharing my experiences again. At the end of August, I attended a Sip and Paint event called “Sip and Stroke” I loved the idea of painting being relaxing, but when you mix the alcohol and music it becomes even cooler vibes.

    What is a Sip and Paint?

    A paint and sip consist of beginners and/or professionals coming together to paint while drinking alcohol. Depending on the type of event, people can be coached on how to paint a specific thing or you have the opportunity to let your creative juices flow. It is something different than your normal hangouts and it is becoming extremely popular. It is a great idea for friends, couples, birthday trip or even a hen do. The ticket came to around £25 including all the art resources.

    Sip and Stroke Location

    Me and my friend attended Sip and Stroke in Stratford at the refreshment room. It was less than five minutes to get there from Stratford International (unfortunately I did not get an outside picture). There was a banner outside and as it was on the high street it was easy to find.

    How it went

    At the door, you got a sip and stroke wristband, along with a raffle ticket to win prizes on the night (I didn’t). The room was a good size, I would recommend arriving on time so you can choose your sits and get the drinks in. You have to collect and choose the paints and paintbrushes you want from the outdoor area.

    Instantly the music was good, it was a mixture of Hip Hop, R&B, Dancehall and Afrobeats. The atmosphere was electrifying and so chill, along with the host bussing jokes it was fun. For the event we were given the theme of “Summer Nights” everyone was free to express or use google for some ideas (me). Now I mostly thought it was amateur painters but oh my gosh the work I saw was incredible. It was nice to look at other peoples work and have a chilled night. After the event winners were chosen for the paintings and there was an after-party in the venue until 3am included with your ticket.

    A few things I would say is the venue was really hot, we had to use a paper plate to fan ourselves haha. Secondly, I thought there would be an art instructor to provide tips to help with our drawings. Apart from that, it was a great night and I would recommend attending Sip & Stroke, especially if you like to try something different.



    Have you ever been to a Sip & Stroke? or thinking to attend a paint party?

    Any new events I should be looking out for?

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    September 3, 2019

    Enjoying the process

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    It’s hard to see how far you have come when you are not completely happy in a situation you are in. You sometimes forget the beauty of what you are doing because you are not where you need to be. I came under this realisation when I was reflecting on my previous unemployment.

    I am grateful for where I am working as it relates to my future aspirations, but I have found to want more. Now it is fine to want more and work towards better things, right? But when it gets to the point where you get resentful and forget it’s a process you will have a negative mindset. I forgot how much skills I learnt and all the training I accomplished at work. I sat down and realised I need to be grateful and be thankful that I work in a sector that relates to my career prospects. Even having the ability to work is something to be grateful for.

    The point of this post is to motivate any readers to remember the beauty of your process. Whether it’s in education, workplace etc, remember that every step is part of the process. Try writing all the things you have accomplished or learnt. You will realise this part of your life has been valuable, even if you are not where you need to be.

    I hope you enjoyed this short blog post and feel motivated

    Feel free to comment and like! I would love to hear your thoughts.

    July 5, 2019

    My First Solo Travel: Lisbon, Portugal

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    Solo Travel

    In May I embarked on my first solo travel! I have read so much about solo travelling and thought at my big age it was the time to take the plunge. The main reasons I decided to do it was to visit my friend studying, to find out if solo travel was for me and a girl needed a break since I haven’t travelled this year! Although I had been to Portugal before I had never been to Lisbon. I always had a positive black experience of Portugal so why not go? Read on to find out about my solo travel:


    Getting There

    I decided to take National Express coach to get to Stansted airport, it was a pain-free experience however it was an hour late! Luckily I gave myself a lot of time so it didn’t affect me.  Finally getting there it takes you right in front of the terminal. Checking luggage in and going through security was a breeze. I went with Ryanair (i was supposed to blacklist them) but they were the most convenient. As expected, you waited a while before you actually boarded the flight. My major regret was not taking travel sickness before the flight because “I dey suffered”.



    Lisbon Airport

    The airport was small and easy to navigate inbound and outbound, so as a solo traveller it was a process I could manage. When it came to checking luggage in and security check Lisbon has to be the quietest airport I have ever used. It took around 10 minutes to get through both and people are friendly too. I took a return hotel shuttle, this was offered for 12 Euro! However taking the metro would have been cheaper. I fully did not have time to navigate all that and 12 Euro wasn’t a pocket stressor.

    Image of plane in airport


    Getting Around Lisbon

    Now silly me thought my hotel was in the centre of where the attractions were. I was wrong so I had to take the Metro! Hearing I had to take public transport in an unknown city freaked me out at first. Luckily the hotel explained where I needed to go and the metro station was literally two minutes. A one-way ticket for the bus and train was 1,50! It was only three stops and it was around 10 minutes to get there (i am glad I didn’t try to walk there). Like the tube in London, Lisbon underground has different lines and they have a map of the line within the station and Metro. Its something I did not think I could do, but I will definitely consider using the metro in other countries too.


    Solo Travel Chronicles

    What I got up to:

    I used the Hop on Hop off city sightseeing company to get around Lisbon. For me, I am a major advocate for hop on and hop off bus. This is because you can enjoy the views and have the options on what areas you want to further discover. Travelling solo I enjoyed it more because I could choose where I wanted to get off and stay how long I wanted in certain areas.


    Here are images of sights and things I did while in beautiful Lisbon :







    Rossio Square




    Cannot go Portugal without trying one of these


    Praca do Comercio

    Right behind this, you will find a beautiful oceanfront where you can take a walk or just chill and enjoy the beautiful sun.


    What I would do differently travelling solo

    Although I only travelled solo for a few days there are quite a few things I learned. So what better way to impart my knowledge to you, my lovely readers:

    • Research. Although I did some research, when I got there I went with the flow. I wish I had more concrete plans on what I wanted to do in such a short time. Lisbon is a beautiful place and three nights is just not enough. On my next solo travel, I will work to write a few things I want to do and perhaps try a walking tour.
    • Explore. It wasn’t until I was leaving for the airport that I realised so many beautiful places were walking distance. I never took the time to discover more of the area I was in as it did look a bit run down. If I had taken the plunge I would have discovered beautiful areas.
    • Food. Apart from Patis de Nata (yummy), I did not try any local delicacies. I did not see anything extremely appealing, but it would have been great if perhaps I asked about this. However, I noticed the Portuguese really like their pastries, so my waistline defo increased from all the sweet treats. What’s the point of going to Portugal and not trying loads of Portuguese foods?
    • Communicate. It is so important when you go to foreign countries to know different words. Although I did know a few words it would have helped if I researched and practised a few words to communicate better. Its all a part of the travel experience

    Here is a low down of solo travel in Lisbon, I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you want to be clued up on new content or enjoyed this post like, comment and subscribe!



    June 3, 2019

    A Guide to Sheffield

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     I can honestly say this post is long overdue! I previously studied in Sheffield, but before your eyeballs start bulging give this guide a chance. Sheffield is an underrated city in South Yorkshire, the people are extremely friendly and there are a lot of things to do. Not only does it have a somewhat city vibe, but it also features beautiful countryside. I have put together a Sheffield Guide for people who are going to visit. For people who are thinking of visiting a different UK city, I am here to convince you to visit Sheffield!

    Where to Stay in Sheffield

    If you are looking for a cheap hotel and close to the city centre then choose Ibis Sheffield Centre. This hotel was extremely convenient to get around Sheffield. From the train station, it was around 10 to 15 minutes however if you are not familiar with the area it would be more suitable to take a taxi. Obviously, the hotel is bog standard, there is not anything amazing to write about. It can be slightly noisy as around the corner of Ibis there is a pub. Extremely close to Ibis Sheffield Centre is Travelodge. I spent a night there because of graduation and it is a little better than Ibis. The rooms are much bigger, and the beds were more comfortable than Ibis. However, depending on the positioning of your room it can be noisy. Luckily my room was not facing the pub so I didn’t hear much noise.

    Finally, is Holiday Inn Express Sheffield. This was defo my favourite hotel, you received a complimentary buffet breakfast and free Wi-Fi. The rooms are sophisticated. The hotel faces River Don and there is even a bridge for you to take those selfies. The hotel is situated around 10 minutes from Pond Forge and Sheffield City Centre. So, if you don’t mind paying a little more for a nicer hotel Holiday Inn Express is for you.

    Where to Eat in Sheffield


    Listen! I LOVE a buffet and if you do too Cosmo is where you need to go. Cosmo is situated in Sheffield’s City Loft Towers. It is a global banquet buffet serving hundreds of different dishes including a table where you can have food cooked in front of you. Dinner is £13.99 and lunch is £7.99 so if you are seeking somewhere cheap and cheerful Cosmos is the place you need to be.

    The Cabin

    If you love pancakes, waffles and coffee this Canadian restaurant is for you.  Situated on Fitzwilliam Street the Cabin provides a homely vibe, tasty food and special gifts in the restaurant. Whether you like your food sweet or savoury then The Cabin is the place you need to be. What makes it even better is the price of the food. You can get a stack of pancakes or waffles from £3.95 and can customise your order. If you are into challenges The Cabin features the Waffle and pancake challenge too!

    Lucky Fox

    If you eat anywhere in Sheffield go Lucky Fox. I am still annoyed I never went to this place, but from what I’ve heard the food is amazing! When I go to Sheffield again this is the place I am defo going to go. Lucky Fox is an American food bar specialising in chicken (they also have vegetarian and vegan options). Located on Division Street, they offer American Fried Chicken served in Waffles, burgers or with chips. Check out their Instagram if you’re not already convinced.

    London Road

    London road is known to be a hub for international cuisines. On this road, you can get Indian, English, Turkish, Caribbean, Vietnamese and much more cuisine. If you are not sure where to go, London Road might be the place for you. The food is relatively inexpensive so feast your eyes on all the choices. If you do like to have some direction on what to eat check out Google to see if something on London Road suites your fancy.

    Coco Cereal Cafe

    This is Sheffield’s first ever cereal café! however, they also serve milkshakes, ice cream and other sweet treats. Located on Charles Street it hosts a wide range of yummy and wonderful cereals for any taste. I have not visited this café but it defo would be somewhere I consider for a one-off trip if I was in Sheffield.

    The Moor Market

    If you are staying in Sheffield for a while or even if you want to save money by home cooking… go to Moor Market. Moor Market is an indoor farmer market providing meat, fruit, vegetables and much more food stalls. There are loads of different things here including beauty, gifts, cafes and much more at affordable prices. As a student, I saved A LOT of money buying from the food market.

    What To Do In Sheffield


    If you love shopping Meadowhall is the place for you. This shopping centre offers over 230 shops under one roof, from high street brands to alternative fashion there is something for everyone. If you get tired and hungry after hours of shopping the Oasis Dining Quarter offers various places to eat and drink for any budget. Meadowhall is a shopping favourite for the locals and surrounding areas. At Meadowhall, there is free parking and access to the centre by rail, tram, bus and road.

    Outside of a shopping centre

    Jump Inc

    If you are in the Meadowhall area and love trampolines, then Jump Inc is for you. It is a massive playground with 120 trampolines along with Jump Towers, Slam Dunk Lanes and much more. So, whether it’s a family trip or you decide to go with friends you’re bound to have a good time.

    Millennium Gallery

    Located in the heart of Sheffield, you will find this beautiful art gallery. The art gallery features permanent and temporary collections so it’s worth checking out the website to find out what’s showing.

    West Street

    If you like to turn up, West Street is the place! This area features various clubs with different music genres, or you can just go in for a chilled drink. There is something that will suit everyone I promise. As I am into hip hop, Rnb etc I would recommend Crystal, Paris or Area. Go online to find out what theme nights are happening on different days.  However, if you are not into the clubbing scene around the corner there are lines of restaurants so why not go for a munch.

    Peak District National Park

    If you love going for country walks and admiring nature, then Peak District is worth a trip. Peak District National Park is the FIRST EVER National Park in the UK! Although its mostly located in Northern Derbyshire it has close links to Sheffield.

    Sheffield Winter Garden

    The winter gardens are known to be one of the largest glasshouses built in the UK. When the weather is cold and rainy or even when its sunny you can take a stroll around this glasshouse to check out the various sets of plants. It can even double up as a beautiful background for your pictures too.

    Check the Street Art

    One thing I loved about Sheffield is street art. For the most part I simply just admired it and wish I took more pictures of the street art scene. Finding street art can be tricky if you are not familiar with the area. I mean I was here studying for three years so I found some art. If you are strongly into street art check online to find where the street art is.

    Image of a tiger on a wall

    Sessional Sheffield

     Food Festival

    Usually, during the month of May, Sheffield plays hosts to a food festival showcasing local food, music and live cooking shows! There are loads of stalls to experiment and try various foods. If you are in Sheffield during this time, I would say it’s defo worth a look. Being someone that has been before I would say it does get busy but not to the point where you are unable to move around. For the most popular stalls or trucks expect long queues so if possible, try to come early.

    Christmas Market

    I love a Christmas market especially the ones in London. Honestly speaking I would not recommend going out of your way to go to Sheffield Christmas market unless you live local. Now there is a range of stalls along with fairground rides, but I would recommend visiting a bigger city if you are really into your Christmas markets.

    So here was a quick low down on Sheffield.  Personally, I find Sheffield underrated and would recommend anyone to take a visit there. While staying here I had a great experience and defo plan to take another trip to this city to do the things I had not managed to do. If you are looking for a friendly city, Sheffield is for you!

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    March 24, 2019

    Life Update 2019

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    Where has The R Connect been?

    Happy New Year! (2 months too late) Hi everyone I kind of took an unexpected break from blogging. It is still something I love but dealing with having a low mood at the end of the year basically due to finding a job related to my degree started to becoming too stressful. It might have also been due to the weather but The R Connect is back!


    Happy Birthday! In February I celebrated another year, I am so grateful to God for having another year and I look forward to all the blessing and even the challenges I am gonna go through this year. Hopefully, this will make me a better person. I decided to go for a meal with some close ones and had an amazing time. Honestly, I am not one to really celebrate my birthday as much as I have gotten older.

    I FOUND A JOB! If you read my after University post you know job searching was something I was dealing with. I had a job before, but it was casual part-time work still related to my degree. However, I didn’t find something permanent which relates heavily to my career prospects. My new job allows me to go to different UK cities for training (expenses paid). My career prospects are based on working with young people with learning difficulties, mental health issues and challenging behaviour.

    While looking for work I also took part in a distance learning course centred around mental health. I gained a vast knowledge of mental health and mental health issues. What was even better the qualification was free! Yes, guys if you have lived in Europe for the last three years and not enrolled in any other CACHE course you can do it. The courses are level 2 and 3 in a range of different topics. They send you a pack of assessment books and you do the assignments. The learning centre I did it with gave 4 weeks to complete each assignment, the catch is if you do not complete the course you do have to pay. There is no way you cannot complete it, it is straight forward and you can ask for extensions.

    So here is an extremely brief life update so far. I have plans to embark on Travel, New activities and much more… So make sure to be on the lookout for new blog post guys, I am excited for what this year is going to bring.


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    March 3, 2019

    Eden Resort Hotel Review, Portugal, Albufeira

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    Eden Resort Experience

     I have decided to do something different this week and offer a review of my apartment stay. During November 2018 I travelled to Albufeira, Portugal (I know this review is a little late). The trip was booked through “On the Beach” the cost included flights, a 7 night All -Inclusive resort and shuttle bus. The price came to around £350 per person, however, we also paid extra for checked in luggage and choosing seats. We stayed on an All-Inclusive basis in a two bedroom apartment. The package included Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Afternoon snacks, evening snacks and Drinks!! Sounds Great right? This review will consist of information about the room, the food, location and customer service. Read on to find out how my stay went!

    A building with a metal fence

    About Eden Resort

    Eden Resort is located in Algarve, the closest airport is Faro and takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to the resort. Eden resort is 5 minutes from Albufeira old town or around a 20-minute walk. Eden resort features: 5 outdoor pools, tennis courts, kids club, spa, restaurant, bars, mini markets, activity nights, WIFI and transportation. The Resort offers a free shuttle bus to Albufeira service 4 times a day with pick up included!  I loved this because the walk can be long, so it is great to be offered transportation. The site includes a mixture of apartment and villas which are non-smoking. It is situated in a quiet area overlooking various greenery, the atmosphere is relaxing and provides a sophisticated vibe.

    If you are interested in self-catering then there is a Lidl and Aldi extremely close by to save you even more coins. From Albufeira Old Town it is around a 15-minute walk, however, taking a taxi can be around 5 minutes. You can also take a bus just make sure you check the schedule or ask at the Bus information centre in Albufeira to know which bus to take.

    Eden Resort- The Apartment

    As said previously we stayed in a two -bedroom apartment, the master bedroom was ensuite so we basically had two bathrooms between the three of us. The kitchen was fully equipped with fridge, freezer, microwave, toaster etc. We had an iron, dishwasher, clothes dryer and dishwasher. It really felt like our own little home which, there was a living room and dining table so if you decided to go self -catering you really will have no problems. On warmer days we have a little sitting area outside to enjoy the weather. In terms of the apartment, it is spacious and the beds are nice to sleep on too. One thing I noticed is in some areas of the room they require some TLC (fresh paintwork or the bathroom wall peeling etc). Guys stay rest assured there were not any major issues, that impacted the quality of my stay.

    A kitchen with stainless steel appliances

    Eden Resort is slightly different to other apartments I have stayed in regarding the maid service. For a 7-night stay towels are changed 3 times a week and bed linen once a week. Maid service is provided 5 times per week excluding Sundays and Thursdays. If you require these services more than the requirement you will get charged extra. I had no issue with this but it is something to consider if you are staying here.  As the resort has a pool area you are given a pool card to access pool towels at the reception. When checking out it is important to return the towels or cards otherwise you will be charged 10 Euro per towel.

    Eden Resort, The Food

    One of the most important sections of any review is the food section. Now with all-inclusive it can be good or just go completely wrong. Starting with breakfast, there was a selection of different foods including sausages, hash browns, beans, pastries, cereals, bread etc. Now I did not go all the time because I am not a morning person but when I did go, I always found something I enjoyed.  Unfortunately, there was not anything extremely special like pancakes or waffles but I know there was something there to suite everyone.

    During all meal times there was a good selection of hot & cold drinks too. When it came to lunch & dinner we defo found lunch was better than dinner. For some meals it did seem like things did not go together, for example, there would be white rice and no sauce & meat to go with it. The seafood was mostly lovely (well it should be Portugal is known for its seafood). Examples of meals were spaghetti & meatballs, fish burgers, potatoes, vegetables, cold salad and selections of desserts & fruits.

    Food on white plate

    OMG I think of one of my favourite things during meal time was the fresh bread, all I can tell you it was carb overload for me ☹ I gained weight when I got back and a large part was due to the amount of bread I was eating all the time.

    Bread & butter on white plate

    One thing I LOVED about going All inclusive was the UNLIMITED COCKTAILS!  Cocktails were available from 12 in the afternoon till midnight with different cocktails to choose from, so if you go on holiday to relax, eat and drink by the pool Eden Resort is the place for you!


    In closing, I had a great time at the resort and it was great to get some winter sun. Despite the apartments needed some minor decoration it was very comfortable. Due to it being the low season the place wasn’t extremely packed and any issues we had was done within a timely manner.

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    5 Things I’ve Learnt from Blogging

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    Red Roses

    My Blogging Confessions

    It’s coming up to my 5 month anniversary of blogging and since we have reached the last month of the year, there is no better time for reflecting. My blogging experience has been good so far because I actually enjoy doing it…but I guess no matter how hard you prepare there are certain things you can never be ready for. I feel like that this is with anything tbh whether is education, working or starting your own business there are lessons to learn so here are some of mine. If you are thinking to start a blog, a new blogger, a more advanced blogger or someone who just loves reading my blog posts (thank you, you are appreciated!) then hopefully this post can relate to you.


    Ok, I guess throughout your whole life you are taught the importance of being organised to be successful. Of course, I knew this was important but I don’t think I fully considered the different components that go into a blog for it to run smoothly. With a blog you write the post, gather images and then you have to promote your content on various social media too. This requires levels of engagement on social media, you cannot just say oh here is a post read it, you have to network with other bloggers as well. Therefore, you then have to spend time looking at other blog posts to comment, like and share and hopefully people do the same back or even better they might follow you too if they like your content.

    It can all sound daunting and perhaps take the fun out of blogging but if you organise your time appropriately it can be seen as a fun task to do. Why? Because you are allocating a certain amount of time to do it leading to you actually taking your time and producing something you are proud of. The best way to do this is to produce a checklist of things you need to do for your blog weekly. This helps to break up what seems like loads of tasks into smaller manageable chunks. Once you can do this, what you can achieve through blogging will be amazing because you are being consistent. Let’s be realistic… life happens! But when you get in the habit of doing something it makes it so much easier.

    Office equipment on table


    I perhaps touched on it vaguely in the previous paragraph, but It defo deserves its own paragraph. A great way to get more engagement and just gain more advice from other bloggers is to collaborate! There are various ways to do this and you are sure to find others who want to do the same. To collaborate with others, I used social media platforms such as Facebook Groups and Twitter basically stating the details of the guest post and agree to do the same for the blogger. It is a great way to increase the exposure on your blog because your blog tends to be linked to that blog.

    When collaborating I would recommend that you also state a word count, images and the deadline (do a deadline two weeks before you actually want to upload). There are other methods to collaborate too! You can link up with other bloggers in your area to do photo shoots, attend events together or just have a chat and gain advice on all things blogging. This is one of my goals as I am trying to meet new people in the blogging world! P.S if London bloggers are interested in collaboration you can fill out the form to contact me or drop me a message on Twitter I would love to hear from you


    I did not realise this before but being part of the blogging community includes…BLOGGING EVENTS!. There are events for all types of niches,you can meet new people to collaborate and get advice to improve your blog. Unfortunately, since I have started blogging I have not been to any events yet ☹ but my plans for the new year is to attend events. Another benefit of collaborating with bloggers is you can go events together! To find blogging events in your local area I would recommend joining Facebook Groups in your region, use Twitter and write the hashtag #bloggerswanted #bloggersrequired and websites like Eventbrite to find out what is going on in your local area. Remember, you are not on this blogging journey alone. The more support you get the better it will be for you and your blog! It’s time to get out of your comfort zone!

    people high fiving

    Comparison is a Thief of Joy

    Let’s be honest we all have feeling where you feel like you are not getting the same opportunities, or you are not doing as well as other bloggers. Now take these feelings and REMOVE THEM NOW! You can never see how hard someone has worked for something or how long it took for them to get in that position. Also, remember why you started blogging, I am sure it started with your love for writing so get back to your roots. Continue to work hard at what you’re doing, support other bloggers and you will usually get the same in return. Instead of being envious of others and comparing take the time to network with other bloggers or check out their blog and social media and see what they are doing. With anything it can take time and commitment, it is not very likely bloggers just blow up overnight.

    Take Time out!

    I know I contradicted myself a little but blogging can sometimes be overwhelming especially when things happen in life. If you feel as if it’s affecting the quality of your blog or how you feel about blogging then take time out! I would recommend if you can write a few blog posts at a time so if this happens you can literally schedule the posts you have available without stressing about new blog content. For your wellbeing it is important you take time out of anything. Think about it when you are in education or employment you have breaks rights? So why should blogging be any different. It is completely normal and can help you feel rejuvenated when you start again. I don’t know about you lot but sometimes I think about blogging when I take breaks I just can’t help it, but it’s great when you don’t feel rushed to write something and you can let the ideas develop as they come naturally.

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    Blogger Confessions Closing

    That’s the end guys I really hoped I have helped someone out there! I still have so much to learn about blogging and I look forward to my continuing journey as a blogger. As stated above if anyone is interested in collaborating in the future please email me at . If there are any London Bloggers interested in linking up I would also love to hear from you!


    Does anyone have any other blogging confessions or much-needed advice I would love to hear from you

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    December 9, 2018

    Things to Do in Maryland

    Posted in America

    About Maryland

    Hi everyone! todays post will be about Maryland (yaaay)! Although I have’t been (boo) I have a Maryland expert The Misunderstood Afro Musilimah providing you guys with some great information about Maryland. Now Maryland is the largest city in Baltimore and apparently famous for its amazing seafood! Read on to check out this interview series on Maryland and I hope you enjoy it !

    1.For people who are not familiar with your content what is your blog about?

    My blog is called The Misunderstood Afro Muslimah, and I share stories of my life experiences and my view of the world. I try to have a positive message or start a conversation on topics I believe aren’t talked enough about.

    2.Where is Maryland located?

    I live in Prince Georges County, MD; it’s about 15- 20 min away, from Washington D.C.

    3. In one word how would you describe Maryland and why?

    Diverse, because depending where you are in the state it can be the heart of a city or farm land in the middle of nowhere.

    4.What are your favourite Maryland things to see in Maryland and why?

    1. The Aquarium- I love animals and it’s a really fun experience, there’s a 4D theatre inside.
    2. Tanger Outlet/ Annapolis Mall – I’m a shopaholic
    3. Inner Harbor- It’s really beautiful, places to eat and shop, and when the weather is nice there’s often street performances.
    4. Fells Point- a fun place to go bar hopping and just have a lit night.

    5.Where are your favourite places to eat and drink in Maryland?

    • Chick Fil A: Known for its speciality in creating chicken sandwiches its very popular restaurant in America . They also serve breakfast.
    • Olive Garden:
    • Waverly Crabs (Nice size crabs and decent prices)
    • Chipotle
    • Timbuktu (they have the best crab cakes)
    • Taste This (Best Southern Cooking in MD)

    6.No city is perfect so what is something you dislike about Maryland?

    There is not much to do in Maryland and you really need a car to get from place to place.

    7.For anyone considering visiting Maryland what are your top tips for a pleasant stay?

    Depending on what you’re looking for during your visit, try to stay in hotels near the Inner or National Harbor, that’s where most of the tourist destinations are.  Always be aware of your environment, and try to map out your destination, before leaving out for the day.

    8.What is your personal experience living in Maryland?

    I’ve lived in the suburbs of Maryland my whole life, and loved it. Living close to DC, is kinda expensive, but you have the best of both worlds. I get to enjoy all of the perks of city life, and come back home to sleep in the quiet suburbs. People can be rude, everyone tends to just mind their own business. We call my area the DMV ( DC, Maryland, Virginia), because it is so close and easy to get to each place. I now attend college in Baltimore City, and hate it! The only nice place in Baltimore is the Inner Harbor.

    9.To anyone considering going Maryland would you recommend it?

    I wouldn’t recommend coming to Maryland for holiday, but to live definitely make that move!

    If you enjoyed reading check out her blog here! I have also written a blog post about being Black & British so check it out here. Check out her social medias too:

    IG: unapologetically_keems
    Twitter: afromuslimah

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