A Day in the Life of an Educational Mental Health Practitioner (WFH)

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Hi All 

What a year! I fully abandoned this blog once again, really and truly there has been no excuse for it. I decided it would be a great time to share my job, especially at it is quite a new role. Hopefully, this can help someone considering being an EMHP or are just starting their training. 

What is an Education Mental Health Practitioner?

Not a lot of people have heard of an education mental health practitioner, it has only been around a few years. If you check the Mental health green paper it does provide further detail if you’re interested.

In summary an EMHP works within school to support with mental health. This considers a whole school approach, therefore support is offered to staff, parents/families & young people. We offer one to one intervention, groups, workshops, coffee mornings and much more. As part of this I did a fully funded degree at UCL, we applied the practical side of what we had learnt within the schools. Although it sounds amazing on paper, the year has been a crazy one and we are somewhat of the guinea pigs as it is a new course. Due to the pandemic since March 2019 I have been working from home. I really have preferred working from home but also there have been some struggles. It can be difficult to switch off when your chill place is also your workplace but I have taken steps towards this. 

Day in the Life of Education Mental Health Practitioner

9am – My day tends to start with checking and replying to my emails in the morning. This helps to understand any tasks for the day, I tend to create a task list and will work to action tasks during the first hours of the day. 

10:40 – Working from home is great. I definitely like to take a stretch break and set timers to remind myself of this, especially when I get engrossed in the work.

10:50- If I have a session, I allow at least 10 minutes to review the session agenda and check on the record in case anything has been highlighted for me to be aware of. I ensure I have all the files I need to open so I don’t have to look about during the session. 

11am – I have a one to one session with a parent to support their child with challenging behaviour. The manual is 8 sessions which focuses on a specific topic each session. Firstly, I will review if the parent has completed the home task and understand how it went during the week. After which a new topic is discussed. I like to find out first what the parent knows about the topic and if they have implemented it before We take a collaborative approach as it follows a self- help model to CBT. At the end of the session the parent will be set a task to implement at home and the session tips will be sent out via email to the parent. 

12:00- I like to put my notes straights on to the record regarding what we did during the session and any resources we used. Any contact we make regarding the child we upload this on to the system. 

12:15 – Lunch Break! I stand up and I tend to have something already made. I try to go for a walk or I might just watch a YouTube video during this time. Sometimes I will try to fit a short workout session. As my job is flexible times I can make up the time by finishing later.

12:45 – I have a parent workshop. I will set up my equipment and ensure I have my notes to refer to. I login sometime before to speak with my colleague I am facilitating with. We check the link works and the content can be shared in preparation for the session. 

13:00 – We discuss supporting parents supporting their child with anxiety. Our workshops are interactive, they include video, discussion points and role plays sometimes. We encourage parents to engage as sharing their experiences can be extremely beneficial to the group. 

14:00- After the workshop I reflect with my colleague how the session went and put notes onto the record. 

14:30- Break time 

14:45 – Team meeting! At this point I catch up with the team regarding how school are engaging and things we are doing within the school. At this point we may discuss tasks that need to be actioned and any concerns. 

15:45 Review appointment- After I have completed a piece of work we review progress after a month. This is an opportunity to find out how things are going. Sometimes it can take time to see changes and I will encourage parents to be consistent with approaches. 

16:15- Admin! I upload my notes from the record and task for the discharge letter to be sent out. I tend to complete the discharge letter prior to the review appointment so it can be sent straight out. 

16:35- I am coming towards the end of the say so I review my tasks and check if there is anything I can complete or make any updated changes. I write a to do list for tasks to complete or start on tomorrow. 

17:00: My usual time to finish is 5pm but sometimes I do go over, especially if I have evening appointents. This is somewhat a busy day, of course it varies depending on what I have booked. Other things which can form my day can include;

Let me know your thoughts and please link your blogs, I would love to read other day in the life stories. 

If you would like to find out more about this role, please leave a comment for ideas and I can share further information if people do want to know more. 

If you are interested in post collaboration, please get in contact as I would love to hear from you. 

Thank you for connecting 

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