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 I can honestly say this post is long overdue! I previously studied in Sheffield, but before your eyeballs start bulging give this guide a chance. Sheffield is an underrated city in South Yorkshire, the people are extremely friendly and there are a lot of things to do. Not only does it have a somewhat city vibe, but it also features beautiful countryside. I have put together a Sheffield Guide for people who are going to visit. For people who are thinking of visiting a different UK city, I am here to convince you to visit Sheffield!

Where to Stay in Sheffield

If you are looking for a cheap hotel and close to the city centre then choose Ibis Sheffield Centre. This hotel was extremely convenient to get around Sheffield. From the train station, it was around 10 to 15 minutes however if you are not familiar with the area it would be more suitable to take a taxi. Obviously, the hotel is bog standard, there is not anything amazing to write about. It can be slightly noisy as around the corner of Ibis there is a pub. Extremely close to Ibis Sheffield Centre is Travelodge. I spent a night there because of graduation and it is a little better than Ibis. The rooms are much bigger, and the beds were more comfortable than Ibis. However, depending on the positioning of your room it can be noisy. Luckily my room was not facing the pub so I didn’t hear much noise.

Finally, is Holiday Inn Express Sheffield. This was defo my favourite hotel, you received a complimentary buffet breakfast and free Wi-Fi. The rooms are sophisticated. The hotel faces River Don and there is even a bridge for you to take those selfies. The hotel is situated around 10 minutes from Pond Forge and Sheffield City Centre. So, if you don’t mind paying a little more for a nicer hotel Holiday Inn Express is for you.

Where to Eat in Sheffield


Listen! I LOVE a buffet and if you do too Cosmo is where you need to go. Cosmo is situated in Sheffield’s City Loft Towers. It is a global banquet buffet serving hundreds of different dishes including a table where you can have food cooked in front of you. Dinner is £13.99 and lunch is £7.99 so if you are seeking somewhere cheap and cheerful Cosmos is the place you need to be.

The Cabin

If you love pancakes, waffles and coffee this Canadian restaurant is for you.  Situated on Fitzwilliam Street the Cabin provides a homely vibe, tasty food and special gifts in the restaurant. Whether you like your food sweet or savoury then The Cabin is the place you need to be. What makes it even better is the price of the food. You can get a stack of pancakes or waffles from £3.95 and can customise your order. If you are into challenges The Cabin features the Waffle and pancake challenge too!

Lucky Fox

If you eat anywhere in Sheffield go Lucky Fox. I am still annoyed I never went to this place, but from what I’ve heard the food is amazing! When I go to Sheffield again this is the place I am defo going to go. Lucky Fox is an American food bar specialising in chicken (they also have vegetarian and vegan options). Located on Division Street, they offer American Fried Chicken served in Waffles, burgers or with chips. Check out their Instagram if you’re not already convinced.

London Road

London road is known to be a hub for international cuisines. On this road, you can get Indian, English, Turkish, Caribbean, Vietnamese and much more cuisine. If you are not sure where to go, London Road might be the place for you. The food is relatively inexpensive so feast your eyes on all the choices. If you do like to have some direction on what to eat check out Google to see if something on London Road suites your fancy.

Coco Cereal Cafe

This is Sheffield’s first ever cereal café! however, they also serve milkshakes, ice cream and other sweet treats. Located on Charles Street it hosts a wide range of yummy and wonderful cereals for any taste. I have not visited this café but it defo would be somewhere I consider for a one-off trip if I was in Sheffield.

The Moor Market

If you are staying in Sheffield for a while or even if you want to save money by home cooking… go to Moor Market. Moor Market is an indoor farmer market providing meat, fruit, vegetables and much more food stalls. There are loads of different things here including beauty, gifts, cafes and much more at affordable prices. As a student, I saved A LOT of money buying from the food market.

What To Do In Sheffield


If you love shopping Meadowhall is the place for you. This shopping centre offers over 230 shops under one roof, from high street brands to alternative fashion there is something for everyone. If you get tired and hungry after hours of shopping the Oasis Dining Quarter offers various places to eat and drink for any budget. Meadowhall is a shopping favourite for the locals and surrounding areas. At Meadowhall, there is free parking and access to the centre by rail, tram, bus and road.

Outside of a shopping centre

Jump Inc

If you are in the Meadowhall area and love trampolines, then Jump Inc is for you. It is a massive playground with 120 trampolines along with Jump Towers, Slam Dunk Lanes and much more. So, whether it’s a family trip or you decide to go with friends you’re bound to have a good time.

Millennium Gallery

Located in the heart of Sheffield, you will find this beautiful art gallery. The art gallery features permanent and temporary collections so it’s worth checking out the website to find out what’s showing.

West Street

If you like to turn up, West Street is the place! This area features various clubs with different music genres, or you can just go in for a chilled drink. There is something that will suit everyone I promise. As I am into hip hop, Rnb etc I would recommend Crystal, Paris or Area. Go online to find out what theme nights are happening on different days.  However, if you are not into the clubbing scene around the corner there are lines of restaurants so why not go for a munch.

Peak District National Park

If you love going for country walks and admiring nature, then Peak District is worth a trip. Peak District National Park is the FIRST EVER National Park in the UK! Although its mostly located in Northern Derbyshire it has close links to Sheffield.

Sheffield Winter Garden

The winter gardens are known to be one of the largest glasshouses built in the UK. When the weather is cold and rainy or even when its sunny you can take a stroll around this glasshouse to check out the various sets of plants. It can even double up as a beautiful background for your pictures too.

Check the Street Art

One thing I loved about Sheffield is street art. For the most part I simply just admired it and wish I took more pictures of the street art scene. Finding street art can be tricky if you are not familiar with the area. I mean I was here studying for three years so I found some art. If you are strongly into street art check online to find where the street art is.

Image of a tiger on a wall

Sessional Sheffield

 Food Festival

Usually, during the month of May, Sheffield plays hosts to a food festival showcasing local food, music and live cooking shows! There are loads of stalls to experiment and try various foods. If you are in Sheffield during this time, I would say it’s defo worth a look. Being someone that has been before I would say it does get busy but not to the point where you are unable to move around. For the most popular stalls or trucks expect long queues so if possible, try to come early.

Christmas Market

I love a Christmas market especially the ones in London. Honestly speaking I would not recommend going out of your way to go to Sheffield Christmas market unless you live local. Now there is a range of stalls along with fairground rides, but I would recommend visiting a bigger city if you are really into your Christmas markets.

So here was a quick low down on Sheffield.  Personally, I find Sheffield underrated and would recommend anyone to take a visit there. While staying here I had a great experience and defo plan to take another trip to this city to do the things I had not managed to do. If you are looking for a friendly city, Sheffield is for you!

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March 24, 2019
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