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Its been a while since I have posted something and to be honest there is really no excuse. I am getting back to my love of writing and sharing my experiences again. At the end of August, I attended a Sip and Paint event called “Sip and Stroke” I loved the idea of painting being relaxing, but when you mix the alcohol and music it becomes even cooler vibes.

What is a Sip and Paint?

A paint and sip consist of beginners and/or professionals coming together to paint while drinking alcohol. Depending on the type of event, people can be coached on how to paint a specific thing or you have the opportunity to let your creative juices flow. It is something different than your normal hangouts and it is becoming extremely popular. It is a great idea for friends, couples, birthday trip or even a hen do. The ticket came to around £25 including all the art resources.

Sip and Stroke Location

Me and my friend attended Sip and Stroke in Stratford at the refreshment room. It was less than five minutes to get there from Stratford International (unfortunately I did not get an outside picture). There was a banner outside and as it was on the high street it was easy to find.

How it went

At the door, you got a sip and stroke wristband, along with a raffle ticket to win prizes on the night (I didn’t). The room was a good size, I would recommend arriving on time so you can choose your sits and get the drinks in. You have to collect and choose the paints and paintbrushes you want from the outdoor area.

Instantly the music was good, it was a mixture of Hip Hop, R&B, Dancehall and Afrobeats. The atmosphere was electrifying and so chill, along with the host bussing jokes it was fun. For the event we were given the theme of “Summer Nights” everyone was free to express or use google for some ideas (me). Now I mostly thought it was amateur painters but oh my gosh the work I saw was incredible. It was nice to look at other peoples work and have a chilled night. After the event winners were chosen for the paintings and there was an after-party in the venue until 3am included with your ticket.

A few things I would say is the venue was really hot, we had to use a paper plate to fan ourselves haha. Secondly, I thought there would be an art instructor to provide tips to help with our drawings. Apart from that, it was a great night and I would recommend attending Sip & Stroke, especially if you like to try something different.



Have you ever been to a Sip & Stroke? or thinking to attend a paint party?

Any new events I should be looking out for?

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September 3, 2019
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