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About Black Pound Day

Hello everyone and welcome to my new post!

So on Saturday 27th June, it was the first black pound day. The aim is to encourage black-owned businesses in the UK to showcase their services and encourage people to purchase more from black businesses. It was great to be on Twitter and Facebook to see all these black businesses!  I could not help myself but have a look and share what I purchased.

1. Oshun


This product was vanilla frosted shea butter. It can be used to moisturise, condition and soothe your skin. I loved the packaging and the personalised note it definitely gave the product a nice touch. Shea butter does not always have the best smell to me but this had a vanilla smell! As my skin is quite dry this product helped to keep my skin soft.

The product came to £6.50, it was a small pot but a little definitely goes a long way. It is a great size to take on a trip and the container can be reused too. I am definitely going to incorporate the use of shea butter in my routine. It has even got me thinking of trying to make my own. 

Would you buy this again? Yes

Link: oshunskn


NourishWithNature UK

NourishwithNatureUK is a vegan skincare line, this Etsy shop features a range of different skincare products for different skin conditions so it was quite difficult to know where to even start from! In the end, I opted for the Even Skin Fade moisturiser for brighter skin. It aims to fade and smooth dark spots, I loved the packaging and it gave off a bit of a lemon smell. It is a small tub, honestly, I did not check the size but it came to 9.99. I have not been using this consistently but I liked how it feels on my face. I will continue to use this product.

Would you buy from here again?  Yes

Link: NourishwithNatureUK




That girl cosmetics features a range of makeup items.  I decided I wanted to try a new lipgloss which I bought in the shade No Regrets. It cost £10.00 so it is definitely affordable I included a swatch of what it looks like. The texture is really soft and does look glittery. Hopefully, I should have somewhere to wear this soon.

Link: thatgirlcosmetics 

Would you buy from here again? yes



This is a business which offers products for hair removal. On the website, it states their product is organic and vegan friendly. The reason I decided to purchase this product is during lockdown it felt like the perfect time to experiment with other hair removal methods. I bought the Waxing kit which was 18.99 this comes with the wax, fabric strips, the wax stick and instructions. I was surprised it came with the aloe vera gel because that was not the package I picked but it was an added bonus! I found the best way for me to melt the wax was to boil water in a pot and the place the jar upside down. Once I had noticed it had got runny I took it out, used the wax stick, blew on it and started to apply it. I asked someone to help me pull it off and I have to say it did a really good job! I have tried doing it myself too and it is definitely less painful but with waxing the pain goes away seconds after. I am going to use this on areas such as armpits, legs and stomach. I do not think I am man enough or patient to see if I can do Brazilian Wax using it…I am going to leave this to the professionals.

Would I buy here again? Yes


Here are all my June purchases,  please feel free to comment below on any things you bought during this time or link your businesses in the comments for me to take a look at. Let us continue to support each other whether this is through sharing, purchasing or donating remember you are making a contribution.

I will continue to update on any services and products I used.

Thank you for reading The R Connect x






August 1, 2020
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