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Communication. A simple word that seems so difficult for this generation.
I don’t think I ask for too much and when I ask you to do this you act like I’m getting my knickers in a bunch.
We hate it when you don’t tell us shit, I understand sometimes you need your own time but how hard is it to send a quick text “Babe I’m busy and there’s stuff on my mind can I have some space and hit you up in time? X”
I’m not psychic so please believe this- I don’t know shit unless you tell me shit!

It’s not like I’m even clingy and get pissed off if you don’t text me everyday or even call me too. I understand you’re on your grind and need space to grow into the person you want to.
But for the life of me why can’t you just communicate this to me? Because I’ve got stuff I need to do and I don’t want my time wasted thinking about you.

Let me get this off my chest it’s not like I’m even obsessed. I just don’t want my time wasted and for you to even cause me stress… nah the only thing that I want to be causing me stress is how I’m gonna make money and chase the next check.

It was easy all you had to do was communicate but it’s been nice knowing you does it look like I have time to waste?

Phone on wooden table

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November 2, 2018
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