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Eden Resort Experience

 I have decided to do something different this week and offer a review of my apartment stay. During November 2018 I travelled to Albufeira, Portugal (I know this review is a little late). The trip was booked through “On the Beach” the cost included flights, a 7 night All -Inclusive resort and shuttle bus. The price came to around £350 per person, however, we also paid extra for checked in luggage and choosing seats. We stayed on an All-Inclusive basis in a two bedroom apartment. The package included Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Afternoon snacks, evening snacks and Drinks!! Sounds Great right? This review will consist of information about the room, the food, location and customer service. Read on to find out how my stay went!

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About Eden Resort

Eden Resort is located in Algarve, the closest airport is Faro and takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to the resort. Eden resort is 5 minutes from Albufeira old town or around a 20-minute walk. Eden resort features: 5 outdoor pools, tennis courts, kids club, spa, restaurant, bars, mini markets, activity nights, WIFI and transportation. The Resort offers a free shuttle bus to Albufeira service 4 times a day with pick up included!  I loved this because the walk can be long, so it is great to be offered transportation. The site includes a mixture of apartment and villas which are non-smoking. It is situated in a quiet area overlooking various greenery, the atmosphere is relaxing and provides a sophisticated vibe.

If you are interested in self-catering then there is a Lidl and Aldi extremely close by to save you even more coins. From Albufeira Old Town it is around a 15-minute walk, however, taking a taxi can be around 5 minutes. You can also take a bus just make sure you check the schedule or ask at the Bus information centre in Albufeira to know which bus to take.

Eden Resort- The Apartment

As said previously we stayed in a two -bedroom apartment, the master bedroom was ensuite so we basically had two bathrooms between the three of us. The kitchen was fully equipped with fridge, freezer, microwave, toaster etc. We had an iron, dishwasher, clothes dryer and dishwasher. It really felt like our own little home which, there was a living room and dining table so if you decided to go self -catering you really will have no problems. On warmer days we have a little sitting area outside to enjoy the weather. In terms of the apartment, it is spacious and the beds are nice to sleep on too. One thing I noticed is in some areas of the room they require some TLC (fresh paintwork or the bathroom wall peeling etc). Guys stay rest assured there were not any major issues, that impacted the quality of my stay.

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Eden Resort is slightly different to other apartments I have stayed in regarding the maid service. For a 7-night stay towels are changed 3 times a week and bed linen once a week. Maid service is provided 5 times per week excluding Sundays and Thursdays. If you require these services more than the requirement you will get charged extra. I had no issue with this but it is something to consider if you are staying here.  As the resort has a pool area you are given a pool card to access pool towels at the reception. When checking out it is important to return the towels or cards otherwise you will be charged 10 Euro per towel.

Eden Resort, The Food

One of the most important sections of any review is the food section. Now with all-inclusive it can be good or just go completely wrong. Starting with breakfast, there was a selection of different foods including sausages, hash browns, beans, pastries, cereals, bread etc. Now I did not go all the time because I am not a morning person but when I did go, I always found something I enjoyed.  Unfortunately, there was not anything extremely special like pancakes or waffles but I know there was something there to suite everyone.

During all meal times there was a good selection of hot & cold drinks too. When it came to lunch & dinner we defo found lunch was better than dinner. For some meals it did seem like things did not go together, for example, there would be white rice and no sauce & meat to go with it. The seafood was mostly lovely (well it should be Portugal is known for its seafood). Examples of meals were spaghetti & meatballs, fish burgers, potatoes, vegetables, cold salad and selections of desserts & fruits.

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OMG I think of one of my favourite things during meal time was the fresh bread, all I can tell you it was carb overload for me ☹ I gained weight when I got back and a large part was due to the amount of bread I was eating all the time.

Bread & butter on white plate

One thing I LOVED about going All inclusive was the UNLIMITED COCKTAILS!  Cocktails were available from 12 in the afternoon till midnight with different cocktails to choose from, so if you go on holiday to relax, eat and drink by the pool Eden Resort is the place for you!


In closing, I had a great time at the resort and it was great to get some winter sun. Despite the apartments needed some minor decoration it was very comfortable. Due to it being the low season the place wasn’t extremely packed and any issues we had was done within a timely manner.

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