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Where has The R Connect been?

Happy New Year! (2 months too late) Hi everyone I kind of took an unexpected break from blogging. It is still something I love but dealing with having a low mood at the end of the year basically due to finding a job related to my degree started to becoming too stressful. It might have also been due to the weather but The R Connect is back!


Happy Birthday! In February I celebrated another year, I am so grateful to God for having another year and I look forward to all the blessing and even the challenges I am gonna go through this year. Hopefully, this will make me a better person. I decided to go for a meal with some close ones and had an amazing time. Honestly, I am not one to really celebrate my birthday as much as I have gotten older.

I FOUND A JOB! If you read my after University post you know job searching was something I was dealing with. I had a job before, but it was casual part-time work still related to my degree. However, I didn’t find something permanent which relates heavily to my career prospects. My new job allows me to go to different UK cities for training (expenses paid). My career prospects are based on working with young people with learning difficulties, mental health issues and challenging behaviour.

While looking for work I also took part in a distance learning course centred around mental health. I gained a vast knowledge of mental health and mental health issues. What was even better the qualification was free! Yes, guys if you have lived in Europe for the last three years and not enrolled in any other CACHE course you can do it. The courses are level 2 and 3 in a range of different topics. They send you a pack of assessment books and you do the assignments. The learning centre I did it with gave 4 weeks to complete each assignment, the catch is if you do not complete the course you do have to pay. There is no way you cannot complete it, it is straight forward and you can ask for extensions.

So here is an extremely brief life update so far. I have plans to embark on Travel, New activities and much more… So make sure to be on the lookout for new blog post guys, I am excited for what this year is going to bring.


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March 3, 2019
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