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In May I embarked on my first solo travel! I have read so much about solo travelling and thought at my big age it was the time to take the plunge. The main reasons I decided to do it was to visit my friend studying, to find out if solo travel was for me and a girl needed a break since I haven’t travelled this year! Although I had been to Portugal before I had never been to Lisbon. I always had a positive black experience of Portugal so why not go? Read on to find out about my solo travel:


Getting There

I decided to take National Express coach to get to Stansted airport, it was a pain-free experience however it was an hour late! Luckily I gave myself a lot of time so it didn’t affect me.  Finally getting there it takes you right in front of the terminal. Checking luggage in and going through security was a breeze. I went with Ryanair (i was supposed to blacklist them) but they were the most convenient. As expected, you waited a while before you actually boarded the flight. My major regret was not taking travel sickness before the flight because “I dey suffered”.



Lisbon Airport

The airport was small and easy to navigate inbound and outbound, so as a solo traveller it was a process I could manage. When it came to checking luggage in and security check Lisbon has to be the quietest airport I have ever used. It took around 10 minutes to get through both and people are friendly too. I took a return hotel shuttle, this was offered for 12 Euro! However taking the metro would have been cheaper. I fully did not have time to navigate all that and 12 Euro wasn’t a pocket stressor.

Image of plane in airport


Getting Around Lisbon

Now silly me thought my hotel was in the centre of where the attractions were. I was wrong so I had to take the Metro! Hearing I had to take public transport in an unknown city freaked me out at first. Luckily the hotel explained where I needed to go and the metro station was literally two minutes. A one-way ticket for the bus and train was 1,50! It was only three stops and it was around 10 minutes to get there (i am glad I didn’t try to walk there). Like the tube in London, Lisbon underground has different lines and they have a map of the line within the station and Metro. Its something I did not think I could do, but I will definitely consider using the metro in other countries too.


Solo Travel Chronicles

What I got up to:

I used the Hop on Hop off city sightseeing company to get around Lisbon. For me, I am a major advocate for hop on and hop off bus. This is because you can enjoy the views and have the options on what areas you want to further discover. Travelling solo I enjoyed it more because I could choose where I wanted to get off and stay how long I wanted in certain areas.


Here are images of sights and things I did while in beautiful Lisbon :







Rossio Square




Cannot go Portugal without trying one of these


Praca do Comercio

Right behind this, you will find a beautiful oceanfront where you can take a walk or just chill and enjoy the beautiful sun.


What I would do differently travelling solo

Although I only travelled solo for a few days there are quite a few things I learned. So what better way to impart my knowledge to you, my lovely readers:

  • Research. Although I did some research, when I got there I went with the flow. I wish I had more concrete plans on what I wanted to do in such a short time. Lisbon is a beautiful place and three nights is just not enough. On my next solo travel, I will work to write a few things I want to do and perhaps try a walking tour.
  • Explore. It wasn’t until I was leaving for the airport that I realised so many beautiful places were walking distance. I never took the time to discover more of the area I was in as it did look a bit run down. If I had taken the plunge I would have discovered beautiful areas.
  • Food. Apart from Patis de Nata (yummy), I did not try any local delicacies. I did not see anything extremely appealing, but it would have been great if perhaps I asked about this. However, I noticed the Portuguese really like their pastries, so my waistline defo increased from all the sweet treats. What’s the point of going to Portugal and not trying loads of Portuguese foods?
  • Communicate. It is so important when you go to foreign countries to know different words. Although I did know a few words it would have helped if I researched and practised a few words to communicate better. Its all a part of the travel experience

Here is a low down of solo travel in Lisbon, I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you want to be clued up on new content or enjoyed this post like, comment and subscribe!



June 3, 2019
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    Thinking of doing a solo travel to Portugal too. Loved this blog

    June 16, 2019 at 5:39 pm
    • Reply The R Connect

      Awww thank you, you should ! if need any tips please feel free to contact me

      June 16, 2019 at 6:50 pm

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