The Diner, Shoreditch : A Review

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About The Diner, Shoreditch

If you have been to Shoreditch you will know it is a vibrant and hip area where you will find many clubs, bars and restaurants. Not only are there great places to eat but an array of beautiful street art is around every corner and great places to shop for vintage clothing. Now saying all that it was proven quite difficult to find something to eat. why… THERE WAS SO MUCH CHOICE! I and a couple friends finally agreed on The Diner. Now The Diner is described as an American styled restaurant and bar with locations around London. The menu includes shakes, burgers, hot dogs and most importantly All- day breakfasts (they also have a vegetarian and vegan menu too!).

Getting to The Diner


Getting to The Diner was not too bad. I went through Shoreditch Old Street station and used Maps to help find my route. As I went in the evening you could really see Shoreditch coming alive with all the people entering different bars and restaurants. Entering the Diner you get an American vibe with a colour scheme of black and red. The Shoreditch location is quite small and we did have to wait for a table due to it being a busy Friday night but we didn’t wait for too long. I would recommend if going in a big group to check if you are able to make a table booking, you also have the option to order for collection or home delivery. The atmosphere was loud due to the business but we still had a good time.


The Diners Food

There was no way I could go to a breakfast spot without trying my favourite brekkie of Pancakes! The food came extremely quick! I think we waited like 10 minutes before the food came, so if you want quick service then The Diner is good for it. I ordered a Diner Blend Iced Tea and Buttermilk Pancakes which was served as a stack of 3 with Maple Syrup & House Whipped honey butter. So the Iced Tea was horrible! I thought it would taste similar to Lipton Ice tea, thankfully my waiter was lovely about it and I was able to change my drink to water. On the other hand, the pancakes were delicious! Although I worried they were going to taste very thick their texture was very airy and fluffy which I enjoyed. You may think three pancakes is not enough but it really was I could not even finish it so I am glad in the end I decided not to order a main meal.

One of my friends ordered Baby Back Ribs, Chips and Blueberry Pancakes. She complimented the ribs of being succulent and just falling off the bone easily. The Blueberry Pancakes was Blueberries with Blueberry sauce on top of the pancakes. She was not able to finish it all as the portion serving is big so the waiter gave us take away boxes. If you come here and want to order a lot have no fear takeaway boxes are near. My other friend ordered Strawberry & Chocolate pancakes. At the Diner you have the option to include breakfast toppings, she got eggs and sausages. She said she enjoyed them and the pancakes were not sweet or overpowering with chocolate.

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Would I go back to The Diner?

Of Course! The waiters were lovely and genuine. They were rushed off their feet but remained friendly and did their best to solve any issues. What I also loved about The Diner is they have Free wifi! I love how this feature is becoming much more popular among restaurants so if Wifi is important to enjoy your meal (it shouldn’t be really) then take a trip to The Diner. I think if I were to go back I would perhaps try something of their main menu as there were a lot of dishes that caught my eye. The Price of a meal is not too expensive so if you are on a budget you can enjoy. My meal altogether only came to £8.80 and I was full up after so you don’t have to break the bank to have a quality meal guys.

I hope my first food review was adequate as I am not a food blogger but The Diner deserved it. I am looking to try different spots to eat in London so any recommendations are welcome down below!

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November 10, 2018
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