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Hi everyone! todays post will be about Maryland (yaaay)! Although I have’t been (boo) I have a Maryland expert The Misunderstood Afro Musilimah providing you guys with some great information about Maryland. Now Maryland is the largest city in Baltimore and apparently famous for its amazing seafood! Read on to check out this interview series on Maryland and I hope you enjoy it !

1.For people who are not familiar with your content what is your blog about?

My blog is called The Misunderstood Afro Muslimah, and I share stories of my life experiences and my view of the world. I try to have a positive message or start a conversation on topics I believe aren’t talked enough about.

2.Where is Maryland located?

I live in Prince Georges County, MD; it’s about 15- 20 min away, from Washington D.C.

3. In one word how would you describe Maryland and why?

Diverse, because depending where you are in the state it can be the heart of a city or farm land in the middle of nowhere.

4.What are your favourite Maryland things to see in Maryland and why?

  1. The Aquarium- I love animals and it’s a really fun experience, there’s a 4D theatre inside.
  2. Tanger Outlet/ Annapolis Mall – I’m a shopaholic
  3. Inner Harbor- It’s really beautiful, places to eat and shop, and when the weather is nice there’s often street performances.
  4. Fells Point- a fun place to go bar hopping and just have a lit night.

5.Where are your favourite places to eat and drink in Maryland?

  • Chick Fil A: Known for its speciality in creating chicken sandwiches its very popular restaurant in America . They also serve breakfast.
  • Olive Garden:
  • Waverly Crabs (Nice size crabs and decent prices)
  • Chipotle
  • Timbuktu (they have the best crab cakes)
  • Taste This (Best Southern Cooking in MD)

6.No city is perfect so what is something you dislike about Maryland?

There is not much to do in Maryland and you really need a car to get from place to place.

7.For anyone considering visiting Maryland what are your top tips for a pleasant stay?

Depending on what you’re looking for during your visit, try to stay in hotels near the Inner or National Harbor, that’s where most of the tourist destinations are.  Always be aware of your environment, and try to map out your destination, before leaving out for the day.

8.What is your personal experience living in Maryland?

I’ve lived in the suburbs of Maryland my whole life, and loved it. Living close to DC, is kinda expensive, but you have the best of both worlds. I get to enjoy all of the perks of city life, and come back home to sleep in the quiet suburbs. People can be rude, everyone tends to just mind their own business. We call my area the DMV ( DC, Maryland, Virginia), because it is so close and easy to get to each place. I now attend college in Baltimore City, and hate it! The only nice place in Baltimore is the Inner Harbor.

9.To anyone considering going Maryland would you recommend it?

I wouldn’t recommend coming to Maryland for holiday, but to live definitely make that move!

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    I’ve been to Maryland how long were you there

    November 24, 2018 at 5:57 pm
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      It was a guest post so haven’t been there. Hope it was nice when you went

      November 27, 2018 at 9:12 am

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