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It has been a while once again ..for someone who loves writing I have been lacking extremely. With everything that is going on and things I have reflected on during COVID lockdown and currently working from home, it felt like a great time to write a post.

Make a difference

As a black woman and everything that is currently going in the world, you cannot help to sometimes feel tired and not know what to do. I think it is important to do more for your community. It is important we help to support the younger generation through joining in mentoring programs, supporting black business, protesting, donating and learning more about our history. Here are a couple organisations BLAM, Black Girls Mentoring project that we can support, check on the internet, and social media for other organisations that you can support.   It is important to remember after the protests end the work does not stop! We must continue to support each other and make a difference in any way even if it is educating our friends and families.



Although I  am currently training as an Education Mental Health Practitioner ( a new post pending) which requires university and training lockdown gave me time to look into courses to improve my practice. In my last Life update, I talked about this and I want to reiterate. While there is a new norm do not forget to improve your practice. It does look great on your CV but it also provides you with much knowledge of your chosen area of interest. If you are looking to try something new short courses are a great way to test the water. You can check free courses online and use sites such as Reed, Groupon, and Wowcher for short courses.

Keeping Healthy

Lockdown defo made me feel heavier. You are not as active as you use to be so you are not burning the calories, instead, you are just eating. My metabolism sucks so I do tend to gain weight quickly. I found trying out different exercises on Youtube made my workout life exciting. Eating was a bit harder because I love snacks but I have worked on cutting down my portions and doing Intermittent fasting so I eat less. Try different things and find what works best for you.

Stay Connected

Although I prefer working from home you still interact with colleagues virtually and even throughout the day. This can mean you are really taking your work home which can be overwhelming. It is important to stay in contact with friends and families to keep you sane. You can also join new online events to meet other people too. I know things are easing but it is important you do not feel overwhelmed meeting everyone and take your time.


I am grateful I can still work during this time. Due to not have to commute and pay for other responsibilities my savings have never looked so good! It has encouraged me to put more into my savings and think about how I can invest my money in meaningful ways and support great causes. Make it a way of life to always put money away especially for a rainy day. It always helps you to feel a better sense of security.


I know this has been a difficult time and people are ready to write off this year before it is finished. I encourage everyone to still maintain their motivation with helpful coping strategies. A great way to maintain motivation is setting yourself goals, yes they may not fully be achieved this year but you can still put the foundations in motion.

I hope you enjoyed this post and be on the lookout for more

Stay Safe

Ruth x



June 11, 2020
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